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Bandbio English - Transgression2015

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Bandbio English


In early 1997 Transgression was founded by Rene Hollweg (g), Dave Steffens (b), Andreas Westphal (v) 
(who all played together in a Band called Asmodina before), Carsten Koch (g) and Michael Pohl (dr).
In this constilation some gigs were played before the band has to split up 
with singer Andreas through personally disagreements. 
After a short time drummer Michael left the band for studying in foreign countries.
The problem of having no drummer was solved through the recognization of old Asmodina-times 
as former drummer Arkadius Neumann joined the band.
After some times of only rehearsing instrumentally in early 1999 Lars Zimmermann joined the band on the vocals.
With this stetic line-up some demos were recorded:

1999: "First Demo(n)“ rehearsal room recording that was sold on tape at concerts

2000: "redruM“ 4-song 8-track-recording that was spread as CD-R

2002: "Live in Wermelskirchen“ Recording from a concert with Pungent Stench and Disastrous Murmour

2003: "Guilty Rotten Flesh" 6-Song CD recorded at SAW-Studio - ownsales

2007: "Dress Code" 10-Song CD recorded at SAW-Studio + 5 specials (2 Live-Tracks, 3 remastered-Songs) ownsales

Some of the bands we shared the stage with:

Altar, Ametropie, Abrogation, Cuatro X, Disastrous Murmur, Davidian,  DeadSpawn, E-605, Eastgoth, Endymion, 
Fleshless, Fallen Yggdrasil, Guerrilla, Harmony Dies, Headshot, Hatefactor, Human Bastard, Horrid, 
Infecdead, Krisiun, Lay Down Rotten, Misery Index, Matyr, Manstractor, 
Mor Dagor, Negative Creed, Noise Forest, Obscenity, Pungent Stench, Resurrected, Symbiontic, Sarx, 
Torn To Pieces, Vader, Verdict, Very Wicked, Victim, World Downfall, Zeroed 
and a lot of underground-bands more.

In January 2011, Arkadius announced the band to want to leave and to focus on another project.
We were still playing in March at the LauterLev Band Contest which we could win.
In this case, a professional live video was taken .
In July 2011, the final break came as one since the beginning of January 
for a capable replacement on drums not found one.
Dave , Carsten and Lars did not want to go on for lack of perspective .


Rene ' , however, lies not pay attention to the fun of music and sought diligently for new musicians 
and diligently wrote new songs. Since end- 2013, the search for suitable musicians had come to an end 
and we could finally start to rehearse old and new material .
In September 2013, a first sample performance followed , even without 2nd guitar, which was pretty neat .
We currently practicing diligently old and new songs and will play some concerts 
before it goes into the studio to record a new CD
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